Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Motif #23

Egg No. 10 from "TATTING Easter Eggs" by Kirsten Wind Hansen.  I used Lizbeth #602 Natural and #661 Country Turquoise - Med.  (I love this color..)  It only took me a little bit to figure out how this one went together...until I got to the end...!  In order to finish I had to work with two RINGS at the same time, working through the other one to finish the first one.  It will be a while before I tackle this one again...I do like it though....can you kind of see what I mean..???  I haven't pressed it or nothing.  Me and it need a break!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motif #22

No. 9 in "TATTED Easter Eggs" by Kirsten Wind Hansen.  Used Lizbeth white along with #627 called Shell Pink - Med.  I'm sure getting a chance to use a lot of the colors that I purchased.  Got to the end of this one and only had to take out one chain and two rings because I connected to a wrong picot and really glad I was right at the end....!  I wanted to post it, so I stiffened it and then used my hair dryer....last time I'll ever do that!  I saw to much of the wax paper that I had it on, on the tatted egg.  I then put it between a non-stick pressing sheet, re-pressed it and then blotted it to get the wax off. Err, lesson learned!  Yes, I like this one.....