Saturday, August 8, 2009

Motif #19

I have finally finished my Celtic doily. The name on this pattern is Lenore English 09/05. The thread I used was Omega size 30, color 1336/Natural along with HDT from Marilee at Yarnplayer. I had purchased Spring Grass which is a variegated thread in size 30 and then asked Marilee if she could please dye for me one of the solid colors from the variegated thread. Together we picked the Pistachio color. I was so happy when it came and now that I have it done, I am very pleased with it. It did turn out smaller than I thought it would, but that's OK to. I took a picture of both sides of it because it looks so different being a Celtic design. I'm still wondering which side is the right side. I have my eye on a couple more Celtic designs, but now....which one!
(I was in such a hurry to post this, that I have not even cleaned or pressed this yet, so forgive me for that!)