Saturday, April 16, 2011

Motif No. 15...

I used bright white Lizbeth thread and tiny, very pastel lavender beads.   I haven't used beads in years, but I sure like the looks of them on this egg.  

Motif #14

Tatted this one while baby sitting and I see that my picots are different sizes.   Another make-over project for me.  I used Lizbeth thread size 20, #129 called Purple Splendor...  I still have to remember when to make my picots smaller. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Motif No. 13....

Here is another egg from my "TATTED Easter Eggs" book by Kirsten Wind Hansen.  This is No 3 in the book.....

I used Lizbeth thread size 20, #142 called Turquoise Twist...I only had to start it over once...! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Motif #12

Easter egg #6 (again, it's number in book)  This one looked so easy...and it was, kinda...  It's when I got to the end, it got a bit confusing for me where to actually end..., but I did it!  I used Lizbeth size 20, #106....   It seems like there is more colors in this thread, but I guess it all depends on the distance between colors as to how many of the colors you will actually use...I hope you understand.  (It's like I'm questioning which ball of thread I actually used...but this one was in my little basket!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Motif #11....

Egg #5.   I use Lizbeth size 20 #131 which is the Variegated.  For the white I used DMC Cebelia, size 30.  I won't combine these two together next time if I can avoid it.  The white was two soft in comparison to the variegated thread.   I think I should have made smaller picots or different white thread.  It looks crowded in there.....

I have now re-done this egg.  This time I used Lizbeth thread size 20 for both colors.  The new variegated color is 124, Spring Garden.  I guess it doesn't look much different, but it sure felt different while doing it....

Motif #10

Easter Egg #2 in book. 

Lizbeth thread size 20, #114 called Sea Shell.  Nothing hard, but this was the first time I made those kind of rings around the outside.  Love to learn new techniques....!

Motif #9

I have started working from my "TATTED Easter Eggs" by Kirsten Wind Hansen.  What with Easter right around the corner, it seems like a good time.  In my first challenge I posted one of the eggs from this book already, so I won't post it again.  I usually put the # according to which one I'm doing in the book.  This is Egg No 1 in book.
Made this one using Flora thread size 20, #17.