Friday, November 28, 2008

Motif #15


I think now I should have tatted this one first and then built on after that. To late now, but this will be the base of my project and if anyone has Rosemarie Peels book, they will know what it is I am trying to do!

Motif #14


All of these are of coarse using the same thread. After looking at this, I think I should have put a stem on it, later!

Motif #13


Here is yet another piece of my project.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Motif #12


These are again part of the picture that I will be making still using Rosemarie Peel's book. Same thread as Motif #11.

Motif #11


I am now working from Rosemarie Peel's book, 20 Tatted Motifs. There will be sections to this in order to complete the picture that I will be making in the end. I am using Olympus thread size 40, which is equivalent to size 30, is what I was told. As far as the color, I took the label off and now I'm not sure of the exact # of this color. I will be needing more of these, but two is enough for display.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Motif #10

Maple Leaf

I used the same pattern as I did for Motif #9, but am now doing it with HDT size 20 and the Green one is called Forest that I purchased from On these two I did the stem different. On the green one I did the stem using the second half of the DS, but on the Sugar Plum one I did the first half. It seem to lay better using the first half and I don't know why it should actually make any difference. I am now trying to finish another piece that I started earlier, but never finished and it's not a leaf!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Motif #9

Maple Leaf

I have finally used one of my HDT's! It is the Maple Leaf Motif by Tammy Rodgers. I used size 40 HDT thread that I purchased from Marilee, at Yarnplayer and it's called Sugar Maple. I have to say that I really like using this thread because I feel like I am more in control with it. I am looking for more leaf patterns so they aren't all the same. I love to hang things in my window during the different seasons. I started off noticing that I made a mistake in the beginning, so I ended compensating for it by increasing the number in the chain. I have my shuttle already wound to make it correct this time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Motif #8

Celtic Snowflake

This pattern by Rozella Linden was done using Manuela size 20 thread. This motif to me was a stickler! I was tatting one way and all of a sudden I was back over making a join in a previous section. I felt like I was going backwards! I love it for it's simple Celtic, but I see that I need some practice on this one and plan on making it again.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Motif #7

Candy Cane

Here is a candy cane that was designed by Julie Patterson in 2004. I used DMC Cebelia 30 thread. I am going to be honest here and tell you that in the beginning I was confused with the pattern and at one time I had to take out about 4 chains because I didn't place the thread correctly. Now that I am finished I understand it, but if I wait to long to make it again I sure hope that I remember how I did it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Motif #6

Christmas Tree

The pattern for this motif came from Be-stitched called Tatted Christmas tree. I used Altin Basak size 50 in white/silver metallic. I had to take out a couple of mistakes and that is when I almost regretted having used the metallic thread, but all and all I am satisfied with it and I do like the thread anyway.
I have retaken the picture, but the metallic thread still doesn't really show up. The metallic thread caused me a bit of a problem because it just doesn't show up.

The pattern was fairly easy and it was the first time I did a lock join stitch and it was very easy.

I also used one of my new shuttles that I had made for me by Randy Houtz. I still have to get used to it a little bit, but I did like using it.

I did another of the same tree using the same thread, but this time the Gold Metallic. It's using the same pattern so I'm not counting it as another motif. I also used another one of my new shuttles also made by Randy Houtz.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Motif #5

Celtic Egg

Celtic Egg Pattern adapted and worked by Helen Bailey from a circular motif by Sue Hanson. I used Opera thread size 20. I had a bit of problem following the pattern and did a lot of it by looking at the finished piece. Now I would like to make more of them in different colors.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Motif #4

Here is a heart that I found at Rosemarie Peels web sit. I made it using Manuela size 20 thread. I just loved this little thing and it was the first time I did the twisted chain, can you believe that! I should have pressed it better the little ring at the bottom doesn't show up very well here.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Motif #3

I have finally gotten something done. I still want to weave a ribbon down the center to hide some of the things I can't seem to iron out. This came from a book called "TATTING DIMPLED RINGS". I made it using Manuela, Country Blue 021, size 20 thread. It was a challenenge for me as I have only done basic tatting and now I am trying to graduate up to what I have been seeing a lot of others doing and Ithink I am going to skip Dimpled Rings for a while also. I have two more in the works.......

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Motif # 2

I made this using Opera thread size 20 in cream. The pattern is from "Tatted Easter Eggs" I would rate the pattern as easy.

Motif #1

This is my first motif. I used Opera size 20 white. The pattern came from "EASY TATTING" This was the first time that I ever made a ring by starting with a larger picot to create the center. I see where it could have been a smaller picot. Aside from that it was easy.