Thursday, October 23, 2008

Motif #9

Maple Leaf

I have finally used one of my HDT's! It is the Maple Leaf Motif by Tammy Rodgers. I used size 40 HDT thread that I purchased from Marilee, at Yarnplayer and it's called Sugar Maple. I have to say that I really like using this thread because I feel like I am more in control with it. I am looking for more leaf patterns so they aren't all the same. I love to hang things in my window during the different seasons. I started off noticing that I made a mistake in the beginning, so I ended compensating for it by increasing the number in the chain. I have my shuttle already wound to make it correct this time.


TattingChic said...

Isn't Marilee's Sugar Maple pretty? It's so fun to tat fall leaves with. You've done a lovely job on this Maple Leaf.

yarnplayer said...

Another pretty leaf pattern! You've done a very nice job - I looked for the mistake you mentioned, but I just can't find it!